Reservations accepted for our Main Dining Room & Family Table.
Walk-ins welcome on our porch, patio, and Front Dining Room.

This summer our menu will showcase the freshest flavors of the season. Visit us for dinner to see Chef Woody's latest creations!


"Bourbon and rye are America’s true original spirits, so when we set out to create a restaurant focused on 'Simple, Seasonal, Southern,' we knew American whiskey would play a big part. And, as I’m fond of telling guests in our dining room, 'If I’m going to spend 14 hours a day here, I’ll need to have something to drink!'

Yes, I love bourbon. I just might love rye even more. But besides the pleasure I get from drinking my own inventory, I love that American whiskey is as complex, colorful and full of stories as anybody who comes into our restaurant.

A person’s favorite bourbon is like a great story that gets better when passed between close friends, and I love nothing better than sharing a rotating list of over 40 stories with anyone who steps up to the bar.

So whether you’re looking to revisit a past beloved sip or sample something new and exciting, come join us for a drink at the Bourbon Bar at Table & Main. I bet you’ve got a few good stories to tell!"

[ Ryan Pernice, owner & operator ]



Angel's Envy, KY | 10

Belle Meade Bourbon, KY | 10

Berkshire Mountain, MA | 13

Big Bottom Bourbon, OR | 9

Blanton's Single Barrel, KY | 12

Booker’s Small Batch, KY | 13

Buffalo Trace, KY | 9
Eagle Rare 10yr Single Barrel, KY | 9

Four Roses Single Barrel, KY | 13
Four Roses Small Batch, KY | 11
Four Roses Yellow Label, KY | 8

High West American Prairie, UT | 11

High West Son of Bourye, UT | 12

Jefferson Reserve, KY | 10

Lexington Finest Kentucky, KY | 8

Maker’s Mark, KY | 9

Michter's US #1 Sour Mash, KY | 12

Noah’s Mill Small Batch, KY | 13

Rowan’s Creek Small Batch, KY | 11

Russel's Reserve 10yr Straight, KY | 9
St. George Breaking & Entering, CA | 10
Wathen’s Kentucky, KY | 9
Willet Straight, KY | 9
Woodford Reserve, KY | 10



13th Colony Southern Rye, GA | 8

Bulleit Rye, KY | 9

Charred Oak Rye, WI | 6

High West OMG Pure Rye, UT | 8

High West Double Rye, UT | 9

High West Rendezvous Rye, UT | 12

Jack Daniel's Rsv Unaged, TN | 10

Old Overholt Straight, KY | 7
Redemption, KY | 9


13th Colony GA Corn Whiskey, GA | 8
American Spirit White Dog, CO | 10
Balcones Baby Blue, TX | 13
Balcones Brimstone, TX  | 13

Balcones True Blue, TX | 15

Balcones Single Malt, TX | 15

Berkshire Mtn. Corn Whiskey, MA | 9

High West Campfire Whiskey, UT | 14

High West Silver Oat Whiskey, UT | 9

House Spirits White Dog, OR | 10

Old KinnicKinnic Whiskey, WI | 11

Leopold Bro’s American Whiskey, CO | 11
Leopold Bro’s Apple Whiskey, CO | 8
Leopold Bro’s Peach Whiskey, CO | 8

St. George Single Malt Whiskey, CA | 14
Whipper Snapper Oregon Spirit, OR | 9